ACE Mediterranean Bouquet 1 litre


A new fabulous fragrance for ACE. Mediterranean Bouquet brings the alluring scent of citrus to every wash.

  • The Classic Ace formula with a new fragrance – evocative of nature and the outdoors, made out of a blend of different notes: floral, fruity and citrus
  • Removes stains
  • Cleans hygienically
  • Eliminates odours & Leaves clothes smelling fresh
  • Suitable for all fabrics –even silk, wool & cashmere
  • Keeps whites bright & makes colours shine
  • For colours, whites and delicates
  • Tough on stains, gentle on clothes
  • 8+ System – food, grease, outdoors, trapped dirt, body soils, drinks, cosmetics, vegetable oils


5-15% Oxygen-based Bleaching Agents, <5% Anionic Surfactants, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Phosphonates, Perfumes, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Hexyl Cinnamal


In the Washing Machine:
Add your detergent
Fill the dosing cap with Ace and pour the product directly into the drum, on top of the laundry
Start the wash immediately

Load: 4-5kg, Dose: 100ml
Load: 7kg, Dose: 150ml

For a delayed start, put Ace in the drum, on top of the laundry in a dosing ball

For difficult stains or persistent odours:
For difficult stains, pre-treat with Ace

By Hand:
Add 100ml of Ace to your usual detergent
Add the laundry and let it soak for 1 hour
Rinse thoroughly

Household Cleaning:
Diluted Product: Add 1 cap full of Ace into 5 litres of water
Pure Product: Pour Ace directly onto surfaces and rinse off with water as usual

For Safe Washing: Do not mix Ace with detergent in same ball or drawer. If you have any doubts about colour resistance, try Ace on a hidden part of the item. Do not pre wash. Do not overload the washing machine. If product is accidentally spilled, rinse immediately with water. To avoid damage, do not pre-treat metallic, parts or rust stains, do not allow Ace to dry on the fabric and do not expose it to sunlight. For a better result on blood stains, rinse with cold water and avoid pre-treating with Ace. Ace can also be used on soft furnishings unless they are dry-clean only. Do not use on carpets. Follow the garment washing instructions.