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Introducing good habits into home budget management can really help

We all know very well that spending money is easier that saving. Moreover, when we spend, whether in cash or by card, we rarely keep track of how much, where and why we spent. Later we realise that we haven’t made any savings that particular month or that we went over the limit on the credit card.

A home budget calculation

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Opposite to what you think some days in the morning there are many things to wear in your wardrobe.

Do you remember a day when you woke up in the morning, stood in front of your wardrobe and suddenly got a panic attack, because you had ‘nothing’ to wear? Was it a month ago or only yesterday morning when you were rushing off to an important meeting? Everybody has experienced such a day at least once in their life.
Sometimes it happens that nothing in your wardrobe, even the dress or trousers you bought a week before, seems to be convincing enough to wear. It doesn’t matter whether you have only a few items or hundreds of them, there is always a reason to say ‘no’ to every single piece of clothing.

Woman having wardrobe crisis

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You just know when you get into a car that belongs to a family and not to a single person or a couple. The reason for that is not only a baby seat but a mess. Back seats are full of children’s magazine, empty packs of crisps, chewing gums, empty candy papers and drinks bottles and possibly dog’s hair. It’s not an easy task to keep a family car clean, because of children’s tendency to make a mess and parents usually not having enough time to clean it. The problem is that eventually you’ll get to the point when you’ll HAVE to do it. Otherwise you’ll be too ashamed not only to give a lift to anybody but to even get in the dirty car yourself.

Cleaning a dirty car

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The heady days of summer have now disappeared, so you can wave goodbye to the potential worse stains you can get being a spilt cocktail. Mud. It gets everywhere. That park you take a short cut through to get to work? Well now it’s practically a peat bog, with enough mud to make the Thames Estuary look like a sandy beach in comparison. Seriously, is there anything worse than having the bottom of your jeans muddy, then taking your shoes off and getting your socks muddy when you step onto the bottom of your jeans? UGH! All of these winter stains!

Girl in mud to demonstrate winter stains

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There are few things in the world that can cause blind human panic like accidentally dropping your underwear on a launderette floor. It is one of those things that us British people cannot fail to be embarrassed about. Yet with the population ever increasing, more people than ever are quite literally washing their dirty laundry in public.

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