About ACE

Here you can find more information about ACE; our background, our products and our efforts towards sustainability and caring for the environment.

Sustainable Laundry

At ACE, we take a science-based approach to environmental sustainability. When it comes to doing your laundry, the most important things that reduce the impact on the environment are:

  • Washing at lower temperatures
  • Using concentrated products
  • Using the right amount of product
  • Washing with full loads

In particular, washing at lower temperatures is the single most important thing we can do to lower our C02 emissions while doing our laundry.

ACE’s Sustainability Commitment

Our R&D department has launched a sustainability team to continually explore ways to deliver sustainability benefits through our products without compromising on cleaning results. This includes bringing new innovations and ideas to market. Our goal is to provide the best cleaning performance and care for our environment. Our commitment is below:

  • Concentrated products that reduce packaging
  • Developing products that clean better at lower wash temperatures
  • Using ingredients that are safe in use and safe for the environment.
  • Our products meet all EU environmental and wastewater treatment standards
  • Optimising our manufacturing eco-efficiency through minimizing use of energy, water and waste

Helping You Make a Step for the Environment

We would like to help you reduce your impact on the environment when you do your laundry. ACE can help meet your everyday cleaning challenges, while offering you the chance to make simple sustainable choices when using ACE:

  • You can wash at lower temperatures to save energy
  • You can use concentrated products to save resources
  • You can use the right amount of product to reduce the use of ingredients & packaging
  • You can wash with full loads and skip pre-washing while achieving brilliant cleaning providing the clothes are not completely soiled