The Science

There are three key active ingredients that ensure ACE leaves your garments clean and colours bright:


When added to water it breaks down into water and oxygen which gets in between the fabric fibres and helps break the stains down.

Soil Suspension Polymer

The soil suspension polymer is unique and patented to ACE. Usually, during a wash, dirt is released but dirt molecules that have been lifted are redeposited onto the garment. However, when using ACE, the dirt is grabbed by the polymer and carried away which stops the dirt being reapplied to the garment.

Colour Safety System

ACE has a patented specialised ‘dyelock technology’.  As garments are washed, some pigment is naturally released. Subsequently, these will be deposited onto various garments and causes colour transfer/runs. ACE’s dyelock technology traps these pigments and stops some of the colour transfer (you should always wash new garments separately to ensure no transfer of pigments etc).