ACE for Whites

Specifically formulated to work better on lighter fabrics; ACE for Whites helps brighten dull whites while still being gentle on delicate clothes.

  • Specifically formulated for white garments & laundry
  • Removes Stains
  • Whitens
  • Hygienises
  • Exclusive & Patented Fibre protection system


<5% chlorine based bleaching agents, perfume


In the Washing Machine:
1. Add your detergent as usual
2. Pour Ace into the drawer marked CL, up to the level guideline

If your washing machine does not have a CL compartment:
a. If you do not intend to add any other products, such as softener, pour Ace for Whites into the ‘other products’ section
b. If you are using other products, start your prewash cycle and whilst the water is running pour 1 ½ cups (225ml) of Ace

3. For best results, do not pour ACE into the detergent compartment

1. In case of difficult stains, pre-treat with ACE pouring it until the stain is completely covered
2. Leave for a maximum of 3 minutes and then wash immediately
3. Before usage try ACE on a hidden part of your fabric. Do not pour ACE undiluted on to any metal parts

Hand Washing:
1. Soak your laundry using 10l of water and 1 cup of ACE
2. Leave it for 20-30 minutes without adding any detergent
3. Then rinse your laundry and wash with your usual detergent

Household Cleaning and Hygiene:
Dilute Ace in water or use it undiluted for effective cleaning and complete hygiene of all kitchen and bathroom surfaces

For the most stubborn dirt, use undiluted or pour 2 cups of ace into 5 litres of water

Diluted usage – 1 cup (150ml) of ACE, 5L of water – No need to rinse
Undiluted usage – Apply ACE directly onto surfaces and rinse off

* ACE products containing hypochlorite can produce pink / purple / red spots if they come into contact with residues of other chemical products (for example body creams, sun creams, after sun creams) , etc.).
You can try to remove stains from clothes by washing again using detergent and letting your clothes dry in the sun; direct sunlight has a slight bleaching power that can contribute to the elimination of any residual halos.