ACE Stain Helper | Sauces

Cotton, Linen, Synthetic, Silk, Wool or Denim fabrics –

Burger sauce

Never rub a burger sauce stain as this could make it worse. Always using a dabbing motion instead. As a natural stain, burger sauce can be treated well via the flushing method – the act of running cold water directly onto the stain. Flushing is an easy process, but it needs to be done right to be effective. Rather than running water onto the surface of the stain, try holding the fabric inside out, so that the water hits the back of the stain, instead of the front. This tends to work much better as it encourages the food residues to exit the same way that they entered – through fibres that have already become swollen with the moisture of the sauce. Trying to force residue through dry fibres is much trickier, and can even make the stain look worse.

Finally, pop the garment in the wash with your usual detergent and a capful of ACE for Colours. Wash as normal and avoid high heats as this could make it worse. Remember to not place the item in the dryer as the heat from the dryer can cause the stain to set, making it difficult to remove.

Alternatively, soak your fabric with 10 litres of water, one dosing cap of ACE for Colours and your usual detergent. Leave it up to one hour and then rinse thoroughly.

Always remember to read the label on the item of clothing first.