ACE Stain Helper | Workplace

Cotton, Linen, Synthetic, Silk, Wool or Denim fabrics –


Act as fast as possible and remove any excess paint before starting on the potential stain. Read the paint can to find out which paint remover to use — the can should provide instructions on how to remove your specific kind of paint. If you cannot find this, it is better to treat the stain before it dries, so move onto the next step below.

Treat the stain with white spirits, turpentine, or the suggested paint remover. Place the fabric stain-side down on a piece of absorbent cloth (or kitchen roll). With a cloth or sponge, blot repeatedly at the stain with white spirits, turpentine, or the suggested paint remover until the paint comes out. You may need to change the cloth or kitchen roll underneath several times. Rayon, acetate, or triacetate should not be treated with white spirits or turpentine, so be sure to check both the garment care tag and the paint can instructions and adjust your method accordingly.

Rub in laundry detergent and soak in hot water overnight. Make sure to saturate the stain area with the detergent and soak in the hottest water your fabric allows. Check the garment care tags to be sure – our handy blog explains what washing symbols mean.

Afterwards, give the garment one final hand-scrub with detergent, and then wash it immediately in the machine with a capful of ACE for Colours.