ACE Videos

The ACE family has grown to include a range of laundry and household cleaning products. Follow our simple video tutorials to discover how best to use ACE to keep your home and laundry clean and stain-free.




High Chair:

Clean Throughout and Disinfect

Believe it or not, cleaning high chairs is really easy.

Hob and Marble Surfaces:

Degrease and Disinfect

How to perfectly clean and degrease tricky kitchen surfaces.



Bathroom Suites:

Bleach and Disinfect

How to remove limescale, germs and water marks.


Cleaning the Grout

How to clean tile grout with ACE Power Mousse.



Whites and Coloureds:

Remove Sweat and Odour

Discover how to remove sweat stains from any item.

Whites and Coloureds:

Remove Stubborn Stains

Do not go mad removing lipstick stains! Watch.


Bleach and Remove Stains

Remove stains from a tablecloth in only 4 steps.


Bleach the Rubber Outsoles

How to whiten shoes in 4 easy steps? Watch the tutorial!



BBQ Grill:

Degrease and Disinfect

How to clean the barbecue grill without effort!

Car Wheel Trims:

How to Clean Them

Cleaning car wheel rims; child’s play. Discover how.