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Top tips for autumnal fun this October half-term



Leaf printing

Leaves come in all different colours, shapes and sizes and at this time of year, they can be seen falling to the ground in abundance. The kids will love searching through all of the different varieties. Collect them and bring them home to use for leaf printing. Make pictures, cards or even create wrapping paper ready for any upcoming birthdays!


Autumn collages are by far the best, as there are so many different objects to choose from. Search for russet-coloured leaves, conkers, pine cones, twirly twigs, berries and more! When your bag (or two or three!) is full to the brim, bring them home and create beautiful collages and scenes out of your treasures!

Hedgehog homes

With recent reports suggesting that there are less than one million hedgehogs left in the UK, creating a hedgehog home is the perfect way to help encourage these loveable critters to set up camp in your garden. A home is relatively simple and cheap to produce, in fact, the RSPB website has some great tips for creating the perfect hedgehog home. Take some photographs of the children busy at work so that they can share their achievements with the class on their return to school.


Go on a mystery walk

Wrap up warm and make the most of the crisp autumn air by exploring your local surroundings while spending some quality family time together. There are many free mystery walks available online, so find a route, check out the clues and start searching for hidden landmarks!

Stained glass leaves

Why not use the autumn shapes as inspiration for some beautiful stained-glass leaves for your windows? These lovely designs can transform your window and could also make a lovely gift for grandparents or other family members!

Conker creatures

Hours of fun lie ahead with the creation of fabulous conker creatures! Let their imagination run wild and as they create a whole village of little creatures. Decorate them with cocktail sticks for legs, piping for the hair and sticky eyes on their faces.


Do you have any plans for October half-term? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).

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Top 5 Halloween costumes you can make from home

With Halloween just around the corner, the kids are already likely to be planning their next spooky look. Trouble is, most of the character-themed creations on offer come at an extortionate price, particularly when you consider they are likely to be worn for just a few hours and will probably be too small by next Halloween! If you’re keen to help the kids look fantastically scary without breaking the bank, here are some fabulously creative ideas for costumes you can make from home!

The traditional ghost

It’s an old classic, but it’s a favourite. Using a white bed sheet as the base, your child can be as creative as they like, from cutting out eyes to adorning with spiders, chains, glitter or other spooky creations. Fabric pens are great for this, but your normal felt tip pens will also do the trick.


The zombie

Put your child’s worn out, old dressing up costumes to good use by repurposing them for Halloween! Transform any beautiful princess dress, nurse or doctors’ outfit, cheerleading costume, or even a beloved old onesie into a gruesome extravaganza by cutting or ripping the sleeves, adding some dirt and a splash or two of red dye or tomato ketchup! Absolutely anything goes in Zombie-land, so your child can choose whatever clothes or costume they like and transform it into a spooky delight. They may make quite a mess in their excitement, so be sure to keep your ACE stain remover spray handy!


The vampire/vampiress

Thanks to the popularity of Vampirina, Hotel Transylvania and the Twilight Saga, vampires now come in all shapes and sizes. This provides kids with the perfect opportunity to create their own unique vampire look but be sure to include the trademark fangs! Check out this great Dracula Vampire Makeup tutorial we found on YouTube.

The black cat

Dressing up as a black cat can be achieved very simply just by selecting all-black clothing. From a leotard they use for dance class through to a plain t-shirt and leggings, you are likely to have everything you need to complete this look at home. Add a nose and whiskers with makeup and create the ears by attaching a black card to a headband. For the tail, consider stuffing some old fabric into the leg of a pair of tights. Easy!


The robot

For those who fancy being a little more creative with their costume, robots would make the perfect Halloween craft project! From choosing the colours to personalising each robot with its own gizmos and gadgets, the possibilities are endless. You can view the tutorial on how to make both the child and adult versions here.

What’s your favourite homemade Halloween costume? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).

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Back to school stain guide

The kids are back to school – hurrah! Each day they set off in crisp clean uniforms and return with a whole rainbow of stains that testify to their busy activities: the splatter of paint from art class, the grass from the playing fields, and the drip of gravy from lunch. As the washing mounts up and you feel the panic start to rise, fear not! ACE’s brand ambassador – the UK’s biggest cleaning blogger, ‘Queen of Clean’, is here to help you tackle some of the most common school-induced stains!


The days of wearing dad’s old shirt have gone in schools as many now claim to use washable paint. Sometimes this is not the case and a simple wash isn’t always enough to banish those annoying paint stains from a white polo shirt. Apply ACE for Whites directly to the mark to get your kid’s shirts stain free!

face paint kids parents

Pen Ink

Ink can be one of the hardest stains to remove if not treated straight away, and whether it’s leaky pens or accidental felt tip marks, your child is likely to come home with at least one of these marks on a regular basis. Apply ACE Stain Remover Spray to the stain and leave to work for 15 minutes, rinse and wash as normal to banish the annoying ink marks.

colour pen school kids


Grass stains show up even on dark school uniform, and with all the playground games this type of stain will inevitably turn up on your little one’s school uniform. Grass is one of the easiest stains to tackle when you have a bottle of ACE in the cupboard. Chuck all your grass stained items into the wash with a capful of ACE and the annoying green marks will be gone.

grass kids play


Kids always manage to get covered in mud – particularly if you have a child who likes to knee slide or drag their belongings along the ground! Use ACE to banish mud stains from their school uniform and bag. Leave mud to dry before picking off large clumps, soak items in cold water with a capful of ACE for Colours before washing as normal.

muddy hands child


Grazed knees and nose bleeds often result in a marked school uniform, and blood can stain quite quickly. Queen of Clean always advises to turn the clothing item inside out before running the stained section under the cold-water tap. Add a drop of ACE directly to the stain, leave it to sit before rinsing and washing as normal.

blood child cut knee injury

What’s your favourite trick for getting rid of troublesome stains? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).

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back to school sign

Back to school: Ditch the plastic!

As the school term gets into full swing, you are probably finding yourself tackling mounds of school washing, endless packed lunches and staggeringly complex homework projects. As many of us are now aware, doing our bit for the environment provides benefits for everyone. It’s also teaching our children to think about choosing the right materials and the environmental impact caused by the products we throw away.

Plastic packaging is pretty hard to escape when shopping for school items, but there are a few ways in which you can help reduce the amount of plastic you are using on a daily basis. Here are some nifty ways in which you can swap plastic for more eco-friendly options:

Beeswax Wraps

Ditch the clingfilm in favour of reusable beeswax wraps, which are perfect for sandwiches as well as any other wrappable lunchtime treats. This handy pack of three different sized wraps is available on

Beeswax food wraps

Stainless Steel Tubs

For those leaky items, replace plastic tubs with these fab stainless-steel tubs with silicone lids. They promise to be 100% leak proof and the lids are a bit pretty too!  This set is available on

Stainless steel tubs

Plastic Free Drinks Bottles

Keeping hydrated at school is essential for keeping little brains active, but plastic bottles aren’t the only answer! Switching for a stainless-steel bottle is a great option and with tons of colours and designs to choose from, the kids are bound to be happy. These HoneyHolly bottles are also BPA free too and available on Amazon.

Plastic Free Drinks Bottles

Boxed washing powder

If you gathered together all of the washing liquid that you’ll need to get through the kids dirty washing over the course of a year, you’d be pretty shocked at the amount of plastic containers you’ll work your way through just on that one task alone. Opting for a boxed washing powder is a simple and convenient way to reduce your use of plastic containers. We recently launched our fully recyclable ACE boxed powder, so you can carry on using ACE for all your everyday washing needs without the worry of plastic wastage!

Boxed Washing Powder ACE Colour Powder Box

Degradable corn plastic calculator

This is super cool; a calculator that is made from Degradable Corn Plastic. It is made from renewable, yellow-coloured corn sources and will eventually fully degrade to carbon dioxide and water, or into plant food!

What’s your favourite plastic-free back to school hack? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a box of ACE for Colours from your local Morrison’s store or Amazon.

Degradable corn plastic calculator


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In the UK we love a takeaway! From fish and chips on a Friday to a greasy kebab after a night out, we have a designated takeaway for every occasion. Although the food may be tasty, the sauce stains down our clothes (or even worse – on our sofa!) aren’t. The team at ACE has put together a list of some of the countries favourite takeaways, and how to remove the nasty stains they create.

Use ACE to remove takeaway stains

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Now that the little ones have finished for summer, we think it’s the perfect time to teach them the cooking basics. The team at ACE has found you some easy (and inexpensive) recipes for delicious meals that your children can help make. If the cooking gets a little messy, clean up their clothes – and your kitchen surfaces – with ACE!

ACE your summer with healthy eating

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Do your little ones finish for summer soon? Six weeks can be a long time to fill, and whether you spend the time in the garden, going away or having days out with the kids, it’s easy to run out of things to do. The team at ACE has put together a list of the perfect staycation destinations for a couple of days away this summer.

Remove mud stains with ACE for Colours

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Three ways healthy laundry habits can help keep your family healthy. Keeping your family healthy is always a priority, from taking vitamins, eating a balanced diet and staying active, but have you ever considered how the cleanliness of your clothes could impact the health of your family?

stain removal tips laundry

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If you’re heading away with the family in the upcoming summer holidays, you may be wondering how you’re going to keep everyone’s clothes clean. The team at ACE has put together some top tips for keeping on top of your laundry while you’re away…

ACE for Colours for coloured clothes

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When it comes to thanking our dads, sometimes a store-bought gift won’t show our appreciation enough. With this in mind, the team at ACE has found some great gifts that the kids can make for Dad without getting (too) messy! Once the arts and crafts session is over, let ACE take care of it!

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