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With a month until Christmas Eve, the team of elves at ACE have joined forces with a range of companies to bring you an epic festive giveaway. One lucky family will win a huge bundle of presents worth more than £650, making your Christmas shopping that much easier! We’ve got the little ones, the not-so-little ones and the grown-ups covered – all you have to do is tell us why your family deserves to win. Or, in the spirit of Christmas, nominate a worthy family member, work colleague, neighbour or friend. Head over to our Facebook page, or find us at @ACECLEANUK, for more details and to enter.

What’s in the giveaway?

Washing machine and hamper of towels (RRP £340)

It wouldn’t be an ACE giveaway without laundry-related prizes, would it? The ACE Christmas addition is a Zanussi Lindo300 washing machine worth £319 to make Christmas dinner stains a thing of the past. It probably won’t be a white Christmas this year, but yours can still be merry and bright with a wicker hamper of fluffy, white towels.

Itsyourstory voucher (£100)

There’s a reason why books are such a popular gift – they’re timeless, often educational and capture the imagination of the reader. Wouldn’t it be even better to have a story all about you? Itsyourstory specialises in beautiful, personalised books that feature your names and photos. We’re offering the winner a £100 voucher that will purchase an amazing five books, with over 16 different tales to choose from.

VQ Retro Mini DAB+ Radio & Bluetooth Speaker – Emma Bridgewater (RRP £89.99)

The Retro Mini is one of the UK’s most popular digital radios and with comprehensive radio functionality, Bluetooth streaming and retro style, it’s easy to understand why! VQ is giving away one of these in Emma Bridgewater’s classic ‘Men At Work’ print – just imagine this on your kitchen worktops.

Grit Atom Blue Stunt Scooter (RRP £69.95)

Who else remembers putting a coat on over their pyjamas and riding their new bike or scooter down the road on Christmas morning? Donated by Skates, this is the perfect beginner stunt scooter featuring Y Bars for strength and Abec 7 bearings for speed. Good luck wrapping this in a way that’s inconspicuous!

Build a Giant Dinosaur (RRP £14.99)

Courtesy of Clock Soldier, this is a massive 71cm-long, reversible dinosaur that you can build two ways – outside in and inside out, revealing the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s skeleton structure. No glue or scissors required; the cardboard tabs slot together for an easy and RAWR-some Christmas holiday activity!

The Little Book of Ocean Animal Sounds (RRP £12.99)

Listen to the haunting song of the humpback whale, the extraordinary honk of the puffin and the raucous chatter of the emperor penguin. For those little ones who love nature – especially if they’ve been tuning into Blue Planet II – this book of ocean animal sounds will bring bedtime stories to life and nurture your children’s love of the natural world.

The Little Book of Night-time Animal Sounds (RRP £12.99)

This book from Fine Feather Press is a magical and atmospheric tour of the animals that inhabit the world whilst you sleep – guaranteed to chase away bed-time fears and make the night a time to look forward to eagerly. Who goes there? Now you’ll know!

The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs (RRP £12.99)

Being able to identify just a handful of bird songs is a skill that will stay with you for life. This enchanting book of songs covers the most common garden birds, easily accessed at the touch of 12 buttons. Keep it on your windowsill for the whole family to enjoy and see who becomes the expert first.

Botanical Cam’pouch (RRP £12.00)

The Camouflage London has reimagined storage with this versatile makeup bag, jewellery pouch, pen tidy, travel case or whatever-you-need storage bag. It’s a soft pouch that can slip into your handbag or stand up to hold your essentials – both pretty and practical, and an ideal stocking filler for mums, aunties and sisters.

Sugru Organise Small Spaces kit (RRP £10.00)

May your Christmas be mouldable with this innovative glue from Sugru. Press it into any shape you need and it will crosslink into strong, waterproof and flexible rubbers overnight, meaning you can use it on fabrics and flexible plastics – like pesky phone chargers that always break! The kit comes with four single-use packs in different colours, a booklet of hacks and more. Why not give some joy to a neat-freak or DIY-loving dad this Christmas?

Build a MEGA-BOT (RRP £9.99)

Do your little ones love robots and technology? This kit from Clock Soldier lets you build a 51cm-tall robot buddy to join them on adventures. All cardboard pieces are pre-cut and scored so it’s an easy – and tidy – gift for those aged 7-107.

Make Your Own Beautiful Birdcage (RRP £9.99)

This elegant, vintage-style birdcage contains three colourful birds and can be hung in the bedroom or perched on the side. It’s made from recycled cardboard and is the perfect gift for anyone who loves crafting – thanks, Clock Soldier!

Tenta Silicone Frog Egg Mould (RRP £5.00)

Because you always need a wild card for that Secret Santa… make breakfast-time more interesting with a frog-shaped silicone egg mould. Crack two eggs into the ‘eye’ rings and fill the mouth with ketchup, cheese or a bacon tongue – we’d love to see your ACE recipes!

 Terms and Conditions

The giveaway will be open for three weeks, from Friday 24th November to Friday 15th December 2017. One winner will be chosen on Monday 18th December and contacted to arrange delivery. The winner must be based in the UK and aged 18+.


  1. petra olinga - 24th November 2017 12:04

    my mum has been my rock while i have been out of work she has made sure that all my bills are paid so that i do not get into debt. with over 22 grandchildren and great grandchildren this has put a bit of a strain on her christmas givings, yet she is still getting little bits for them. she deserves a treat and help for helping all of us.

  2. Margaret Jane Olinga - 24th November 2017 12:41

    Can these dates be correct surely not? Terms and Conditions

    The giveaway will be open for three weeks, from Friday 24th November to Friday 15th November 2017. One winner will be chosen on Monday 18th December and contacted to arrange delivery. The winner must be based in the UK and aged 18+.

  3. Sharon Lawrence - 24th November 2017 14:35

    What an amazing giveaway, really answer a lot of prayers!!

  4. julie ryan - 24th November 2017 16:38

    This will be our first Christmas without mum in law. You can either pretend it doesn’t exist or make it the best Christmas ever as a tribute. Would love to reward hardworking hubby and my son.

  5. Marium - 25th November 2017 09:38

    Me and my family would love to win as we are moving to a brand new house next month so this prize would come in handy to keep us adults happy, me especially with a washing machine and the kids happy too ????????

  6. Liz Miller-Hall - 25th November 2017 10:11

    We deserve to win, because we have 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 humans who seem to be dirt magnets. We are a scruffy rabble. We need all the help we can get!

  7. Rebecca collins - 25th November 2017 10:36

    I love using ace products in my home, I like to have a clean and fresh smelling home, great giveaway!!!

  8. Elizabeth Harbron - 26th November 2017 10:23

    I’d like to nominate my daughter Jodie who is just an all round lovely person, teacher and friend x

  9. Sheila Evans - 26th November 2017 19:57

    After a difficult year of loss, illness and worry I would love to share this wonderful prize with my family to make the next year easier and more enjoyable for all of us!

  10. sue moore - 30th November 2017 18:54

    such a generous giveaway, I could never dream of being able to spoil my family with these goodies, so kind.

  11. Lara Sammal - 30th November 2017 21:28

    I would love to nominate my dear mum who always there for me,always treated as and forgot about herself,she is my best friend who have pure gold heart and deserves the best I wish to treat her this Christmas!Thanks for this opportunity!

  12. claire mullinder - 1st December 2017 09:19

    What an awesome Christmas gift that would be ??

  13. Cristinq Ghenghea - 1st December 2017 11:09

    I’d be so happy to be part of this competition and win some goodies for my little one and for me to have a sparkling Christmas.Thank you

  14. Angela mclaren - 1st December 2017 11:55

    I think My family deserves to win a prize because last month everything seem to break my dryer needed fixed and my iron broke and I’ve got twin boys age 2 who go through a lot of clothes everyday the basket is overflowing so this prize would defiantly cheer us up.x

  15. Katherine Lucas - 1st December 2017 15:19

    I would love my stepdaughter to win as she is legally blind and has MS but recently got her first flat with her boyfriend and while they don’t have much, she offers so much to others. She has recently been approved to volunteer to cheer patients up at the local hospitals and has done fund raisers for RNIB. She is a ray of sunshine and would love to brighten her life up like she does for others.

  16. Laura Cobb - 5th December 2017 15:43

    Wow these prizes look amazing!

  17. jan haldane - 5th December 2017 23:31

    Our son is such a worthy winner. Made redundant twice, and now at 31 on his 3rd career, he has an old house with old appliances.

  18. Angie Daly - 8th December 2017 18:05

    Fabulous prize, fingers crossed

  19. Angie Daly - 8th December 2017 18:05

    Fabulous prize, fingers crossed

  20. Donna - 10th December 2017 13:09

    I would love to win this for my daughter as she has been poorly with her thyroid has two small girls and does a wonderful job her partner works hard and they rent a private house get no help and struggle every month i wojld love to win thks for them x

  21. Natalie Thomason - 10th December 2017 18:04

    I think my family deserve to win . This year we lost my mum . I’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer and heart problems. I’m a mum and a nana. My washing machine is on its way out and I’ve very little spare to buy the presents they deserve . This would so help my lovely family this Xmas thanks for the chance . Merry Christmas.

  22. Zena Slack - 12th December 2017 17:09

    This would be amazing as we have a messy family and animals too this prize would be the best thing ever

    • Zena Slack - 12th December 2017 17:10

      This would be amazing as we have a messy family and animals too this prize would be the best thing eve

  23. Geoff Hibbert - 14th December 2017 08:57

    I haven’t got enough money to buy everyone presents this year

  24. Kristyn Harris - 14th December 2017 11:09

    I would love my family to win with ACE
    As we need all our bad luck to erase
    We’ve had lots of problems with building work
    Our kitchen is a sight and I’m going berserk
    A hamper of towels with a washing machine
    Would mean all our clothes would again become clean!
    An Itsyourstory voucher would be great fun for daughter
    And make her smile more – like she really oughta
    A radio & bluetooth speaker could play me some tunes
    While I’m washing the clothes in the afternoons
    And a stunt scooter would be such a scream
    And take me back to when I was a teen!
    Building a Giant Dinosaur sounds quite complex
    But I’d love to find out more about Tyrannosaurus Rex
    The books with animal sounds would be cool
    I could give them to my nephew to show at his school
    I need a botanical Cam’pouch for my bits
    To put in my handbag, ensuring everything fits
    Sugru kit could help me store my pan lids
    And stop then being used as cymbals by the kids!
    To build our own MEGA-BOT would be fun
    A team-building project for my daughter and son
    A beautiful birdcage would be a lovely sight
    We could make it a feature – even in a spot light
    And finally a frog egg mould – the perfect piece
    To make tea time fun – also perfect for my niece!
    Look – so many ways ACE could help me and my kin
    Please make everything perfect and let us win!

  25. Paul Aislabie - 14th December 2017 16:46

    I would like to win for my lovely family

  26. Sue Dyke - 15th December 2017 14:52

    love this please

  27. Alexander Winton - 15th December 2017 15:43

    nice prize


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