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You’ve been blessed with the most perfect, most precious gift you’ve ever had – a child. This tiny person’s life is now in your hands and you’re terrified. What if you mess up? How do you know what to do for the best? The last thing you want is to end up doing something that might harm them, and the thought that you might is crippling you with nerves. Just remember these things:


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It’s getting close to that time of year when many young adults will be heading off to university and starting to lead a more independent life. It can be a steep learning curve – both educationally and in relation to the acquisition of certain life skills – with many having to take on household chores for the first time.

A student accidentally shrinking a jumper in a wash

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It used to be simple – everyone wore a black suit. The only hard bit was finding one that fitted. Now it’s not so simple. It takes only seven seconds for someone to form their “first impression” of you, so unsurprisingly a lot of that impression is going to be based on what you’re doing and wearing rather than what you’re saying. So what should you wear if you want to get that job?

Job Interview Clothes

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Summer heat doesn’t help to keep your white and light-coloured shirts and t-shirts fresh and clean. Inevitably, sooner or later you will notice that armpit areas are becoming yellow-ish and not very pleasant to look at or wear. Before you consider buying a new piece of clothing, try one of these simple solutions which should help to remove the stains. For stubborn stains you may want to use different methods or repeat one of them.


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Some celebrities are known for the roles they played in movies or for the songs they sang on the stage but some others are famous because of their cleaning… er, passion.

Celebrity cleaning

Pictures of celebrities – actors, singers and other performers – cleaning their houses and gardens don’t appear often on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Because of that, it may be hard to believe that some the famous personas are actually keen on cleaning. Some of them go even further and are crazy about cleaning and personal hygiene. Their houses would for sure pass the white glove test.

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People look for savings in all parts of their budget and cleaning is no exception. With these helpful tips it will become easier to make smaller and bigger savings.

Customers in the UK spend £1 billion a year on cleaning products. With a big family and a big house you are always looking for savings. Even if you live alone and your space for cleaning is not that big you will want to spend as little money as possible. Here are some simple solutions that you have not probably thought about that will help you save here and there.

Cleaning the house with a hoover

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Whether you spoiled your clothes with coffee or pen ink there is a way to save your precious garment and look good for the rest of the day.

In the morning, you chose your outfit carefully as you wanted to look spotless at that interview later in the day or during an important meeting with your boss. You kept the clothes clean throughout the morning but then you started eating your lunch. Even though you were really careful… juice, ink, ketchup, chocolate or anything else – you name it, spoiled your clothes.

Man knocking glass of wine over

Don’t panic and don’t worry! Almost every stain can be cleaned – it only needs a relevant treatment. Here is an emergency guide how to clean the worst ones and still look good at the meeting.

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