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With kids returning to school in force in September, it is evident that parents have a range of anxieties about sending their little ones back. However, with the pandemic easing and lockdown restrictions being lifted in many sectors, life is slowly returning to a new kind of normal.

The lockdown has had its financial impact on everyone, with some parents having lost their jobs, or unable to work due to childcare and home-schooling commitments, plus the cost of having the children home for months on end has taken its toll.

The high cost of school uniform for parents is widely discussed. Buying a new uniform every year can leave parents in serious financial hardship, even at the best of times.

Luckily, there are plenty of purse-friendly ways for parents to claw back some of the cost.

ACE, compared to other laundry and stain brands, has a much lower price point without compromising on quality. Read on for our top tips on making sure your kids are school-ready -without breaking the bank.

  • Tip 1: WHITES: Are white shirts, PE kits and sports socks looking a bit grey or stained? Do not commit them to the bin just yet! Using ACE for Whites can bring the whites back to white – and can even remove the most stubborn stains. Using a small amount of ACE for Whites directly on to the stains as a pre-treatment, then add the product into the wash with your normal detergent, to give the clothes a brightening lift, returning them to their original pristine state!
  • Tip 2: COLOURED CLOTHING: If you have dull, stained non-white clothing then a wash with ACE for Colours can provide excellent results. Simply add the colours liquid to your normal wash and the oxygen-based bleaching agents will get to work on stains including food, outdoor staining, drinks – and for the teenage girls even cosmetics.
  • Tip 3: WASH DAILY: During this unusual time, it is vital to wash your children’s clothes daily to kill any potential harmful living organisms that may sit on the clothes. All ACE products on a 60-degree wash will remove any unwanted bacteria and are safe to use daily. However, ACE for Whites has a bleaching agent known to kill all viruses in just a 30-degree wash.

Many schools have suggested that school uniform is not required, to allow for children to wear fresh clothing every day. Whilst this is much safer and easier for parents, this also comes with issues of its own. Children will want to compete over the clothing that they wear, wanting to impress their friends with the best clothes in their wardrobe – which can become even more costly for parents if the clothes become stained and discoloured.

At ACE we have always developed products that can assist in maintaining your clothing and household soft furnishings, but especially important is that we have managed to keep the costs of the products down.  This helps us achieve our mission of ensuring parents have all of the products in their cleaning toolkit for much less than other brands, whilst still having the most effective results in the industry.

ACE products are available in a variety of stores, including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco’s, The Range, Ocado and many more.

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