A peek in the average British wardrobe will confirm that we’re living in increasingly throwaway times. In the UK around 336,000 tonnes of our unwanted clothing gets thrown away every single year. Which? discovered that the average UK household owns about £4,000 worth of clothing, a third of which hasn’t been worn for over a year!

As the ‘haul culture’ continues to grow in popularity and the rise of low-cost retailers competing with various, tempting offers, it’s no surprise the British public are hooked on fast fashion. But it’s not sustainable.

It’s inevitable that on occasion you’ll fall out of love with your clothes. Perhaps a change in body shape means the garment no longer fits like it used to, your children have simply grown out of them, or fashion no longer permits this item to be deemed ‘in’.

Whatever your reasons, before giving your clothes the heave-ho, consider whether they could be reused in some way or another. Below are some of our top suggestions on how you can ensure your old clothes do not end up on the landfill pile.

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The British Summer Time (BST) is wonderful. Not only does it give us hours of sunshine, warmer temperatures and longer days, it also provides households the opportunity to dry clothes promptly in the fresh air – leaving them smelling fresher for longer.

Sadly, BST is still a few months away. For those without tumble dryers or access to a garden, it’s highly likely that over the winter months, your wet laundry has been taking up space around the house on airers and on radiators and taking much longer to dry too!

Here are seven simple tips on how you can safely dry your clothes in your home, without resorting to the energy-hungry tumble dryer.

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From tree decorations to cracker gifts, plastic is a massive part of Christmas – and the non-biodegradable material is increasingly polluting the oceans and harming wildlife. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take in order to decrease the amount of plastic used in your household this festive season.

One of the easiest steps is to ditch the use of plastic tree decorations and tinsel in favour of edible decorations, such as Christmas cookies to hang, or use strings of popcorn and cranberries as tinsel.

Here at ACE we have started decreasing our plastic use by decommissioning the ACE 700ml bottle in favour of a smaller one, as well as bringing out ACE for Colours Powder in fully recyclable packaging.

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December is almost upon us, and with that comes the classic debate – when is the right time to decorate your home for Christmas? Tradition dictates that Christmas trees should be put up at the beginning of Advent – the fourth Sunday before Christmas – and staying up until the Twelfth night, which will typically be 5th or 6th January, depending on whether you count Christmas Day as the first day.

Regardless of whether you are a Christmas fanatic or not, we appreciate now is a time of potentially getting carried away with all the tempting offers on lights, glitter, foliage and figurines and running the risk of breaking the bank to beautify your home. Below, the team at ACE have shared with you some purse-friendly and creatively easy ideas that all the family can help make to sprinkle some festive magic throughout the home.

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Are you feeling the love in the run up to Valentine’s Day? Get your little ones involved in the preparations by making some sweet treats or a homemade card, and spread the love among your friends. ACE has put together a list of some cute gifts you can make and share with your loved ones this Valentine’s Day – and the kids will love joining in with the making process! Once you’ve finished creating your gifts, clean up the kitchen and remove any food colouring or paint stains with ACE.

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We all have those items that we wear, and wear… and wear, be it a snuggly winter jumper that’s the first thing you dig out as soon as October hits, or that classic LBD that attends every New Year party. The moment you must let go is utterly heart-breaking and a replacement never quite feels the same. In a mission to care for both the planet and your most loyal wardrobe staples, ACE has put together a guide to making your clothes last you for eternity (or thereabouts) *smug face*

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It’s that time of year again. That time when colourful decorations go up all over the place – in your own house and everywhere you go. That time when mince pies become an acceptable coffee break snack; when the TV starts showing classic films on a daily basis; and when it becomes acceptable, if not expected, that the go-to item of clothing will be extravagant knitted masterpiece. That’s right, now is the season of the Christmas jumper.

Christmas jumpers

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It’s a sad fact of life that every so often you will have to mend your clothes. Either that, or be so rich that you can afford to buy a whole new coat whenever a button happened to fall off your current one; not something most of us can do and besides, just imagine the waste!

button men

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