It used to be that clothes were only really made to order. There was no buying clothes off the peg. Rather clothes were made by dressmakers instead of on mass in factories, and this meant that the dress making process was slow. Slow but sustainable. Clothes were expensive – the fabric, the time it took to make them; it all added up. So people had far fewer clothes and took to mending them and altering them to match the new season’s trends as it was all that they could afford to do.

cotton bud

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Ironing is simply not fun. Ok, yes, some people do enjoy it. Some people find that doing some ironing is a good way to switch off and relax, but on the whole ironing is something that most people find to be a little bit boring and is something they’d rather not do.


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Sometimes it can feel as if when you get pregnant the fashion industry decides that all you’ll want to wear are leggings and ponchos – Some days, yes… But not EVERY DAY! Expecting a baby doesn’t mean that we suddenly stop caring about looking good. And deep down it’s not even about looking good, it’s about feeling confident and comfortable and looking great is often part of getting that feeling.

Trendy Maternity Wear

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So word has now spread round the office that you’ve been selected to organise, plan, and execute the Christmas party, but, alas, you’ve run out of festive ideas. Or maybe you’ve decided to treat a group of friends to some holiday merriment, but, oh dear, the Christmas spirit hasn’t really hit you quite yet, and you need some fast ideas! Well, this guide may just be a life-saver!

Christmas Party

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Introducing good habits into home budget management can really help

We all know very well that spending money is easier that saving. Moreover, when we spend, whether in cash or by card, we rarely keep track of how much, where and why we spent. Later we realise that we haven’t made any savings that particular month or that we went over the limit on the credit card.

A home budget calculation

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Opposite to what you think some days in the morning there are many things to wear in your wardrobe.

Do you remember a day when you woke up in the morning, stood in front of your wardrobe and suddenly got a panic attack, because you had ‘nothing’ to wear? Was it a month ago or only yesterday morning when you were rushing off to an important meeting? Everybody has experienced such a day at least once in their life.
Sometimes it happens that nothing in your wardrobe, even the dress or trousers you bought a week before, seems to be convincing enough to wear. It doesn’t matter whether you have only a few items or hundreds of them, there is always a reason to say ‘no’ to every single piece of clothing.

Woman having wardrobe crisis

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