Back to school stain guide

The kids are back to school – hurrah! Each day they set off in crisp clean uniforms and return with a whole rainbow of stains that testify to their busy activities: the splatter of paint from art class, the grass from the playing fields, and the drip of gravy from lunch. As the washing mounts up and you feel the panic start to rise, fear not! ACE’s brand ambassador – the UK’s biggest cleaning blogger, ‘Queen of Clean’, is here to help you tackle some of the most common school-induced stains!


The days of wearing dad’s old shirt have gone in schools as many now claim to use washable paint. Sometimes this is not the case and a simple wash isn’t always enough to banish those annoying paint stains from a white polo shirt. Apply ACE for Whites directly to the mark to get your kid’s shirts stain free!

face paint kids parents

Pen Ink

Ink can be one of the hardest stains to remove if not treated straight away, and whether it’s leaky pens or accidental felt tip marks, your child is likely to come home with at least one of these marks on a regular basis. Apply ACE Stain Remover Spray to the stain and leave to work for 15 minutes, rinse and wash as normal to banish the annoying ink marks.

colour pen school kids


Grass stains show up even on dark school uniform, and with all the playground games this type of stain will inevitably turn up on your little one’s school uniform. Grass is one of the easiest stains to tackle when you have a bottle of ACE in the cupboard. Chuck all your grass stained items into the wash with a capful of ACE and the annoying green marks will be gone.

grass kids play


Kids always manage to get covered in mud – particularly if you have a child who likes to knee slide or drag their belongings along the ground! Use ACE to banish mud stains from their school uniform and bag. Leave mud to dry before picking off large clumps, soak items in cold water with a capful of ACE for Colours before washing as normal.

muddy hands child


Grazed knees and nose bleeds often result in a marked school uniform, and blood can stain quite quickly. Queen of Clean always advises to turn the clothing item inside out before running the stained section under the cold-water tap. Add a drop of ACE directly to the stain, leave it to sit before rinsing and washing as normal.

blood child cut knee injury

What’s your favourite trick for getting rid of troublesome stains? Let us know at @ACECLEANUK on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don’t forget to pick up a bottle of ACE in Morrisons, The Range, Tesco (and lots of other retailers!).

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Most people only reach for the stain remover after an accident or spill – but there’s much more to ACE than just lifting out stains! The same way you use a fabric conditioner alongside laundry detergent, ACE for Colours is best in every wash (or ACE for Whites for white washes) to prevent colour transfer or a build-up of dingy stains like discoloured underarms or collars.

When you’re faced with stains like food, grass, makeup or unmentionable baby stains, it’s time to reach for our pre-treatment sprays – ACE Stain Remover Spray, and ACE Power Mousse for white items. Here’s why…

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We all have those items that we wear, and wear… and wear, be it a snuggly winter jumper that’s the first thing you dig out as soon as October hits, or that classic LBD that attends every New Year party. The moment you must let go is utterly heart-breaking and a replacement never quite feels the same. In a mission to care for both the planet and your most loyal wardrobe staples, ACE has put together a guide to making your clothes last you for eternity (or thereabouts) *smug face*

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With the cold weather setting in, we’re all starting to swap the summer clothes for warmer layers. If they’ve been stuck in storage, need a bit of freshening up or if you’re buying all-new knitwear for the season, it’s important to know how to take care of it all. The team here at ACE has some advice to keep your knitwear soft, stain free and in good condition to take you from season to season.

Before you wash your woollies, it’s vital to check the item’s care label, whether it’s a cosy jumper or soft blanket, and whatever you do, don’t be tempted to chuck your garments in the dryer!

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Football fever is sweeping the nation and there is no better time to get outside for a kick around with your family and friends than right now! BBQs, 5-a-side games and keepy-uppy competitions are all fab ways to get involved but can also lead to nasty stains on pricey football kits or your Sunday best, whether it’s ketchup from the celebratory hotdog or grass stains from that all-important penalty save. The team at ACE has some top tips to survive the international month of footie so you can remove the stains but keep the memories.

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Washing machines work hard at getting all manner of stains out of your clothes, as well as keeping your towels and linens hygienic. It seems odd that a machine that is designed to clean things also needs cleaning itself, but it does need doing regularly to get rid of residual muck. If you don’t clean your washing machine on a regular basis it can develop a lingering smell, won’t clean your clothes properly and problem areas such as the detergent drawer and inner seal can become mouldy or clogged. To keep your washing machine clean and running smoothly, the team at ACE has some easy and affordable tips.

Washing machine

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For as long as most of us can remember, jeans have been a wardrobe staple. They’re comfortable, long-lasting and versatile enough to match almost any style or occasion. Different washes and fits come and go, with the ripped jean seemingly here to stay – a plain white tee with trainers and ripped blue mom jeans is a staple daytime outfit, whilst a black skinny jean with ripped knees and heeled boots will take you through to the evening. Ripped jeans are effortless to wear, but need some TLC to keep them looking their best for as long as possible. The team at ACE has some tips for taking care of ripped jeans.

ripped jeans

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Hanging your clothes outside on the line reduces wear and tear on the fabrics, gives them an unbeatable fresh smell and reduces energy compared to using a tumble dryer. Summer is the perfect time to make use of the sunshine and longer days, but is there a right way to hang something on a peg? Technically, no, but the team at ACE has pulled together some top laundry hacks to help you hang out your washing in a way that keeps your items in tip top condition, reduces creases and fading, aids drying and makes ironing easier. Sound too good to be true? Read on.

laundry pegs

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It’s now the summer break which, for many people across the UK, means a holiday! Whether it’s a European weekend city-break, a messy family camping trip or an all-out vacay to somewhere exotic, you’re going to need to think about what you’re taking with you. Especially if you’re flying, packing can be a bit of a nightmare to make sure you’ve got all the essentials plus some spares in case of stains and spills. With the help of our followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the team at ACE has pulled together some top tips for making holiday packing and laundry a breeze.

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