2020 hasn’t been the best year for many reasons, so in an attempt to bring some cheer into our customer’s lives, we teamed up with brands such as IMO mobile, Skates Scooters and Scrub Daddy to provide some great prizes to those who really deserve it!

In August, the team here at ACE conducted some research into how people believe they have fared during the pandemic in comparison to their friends. We found that 86% of people thought their friends were worse off than themselves personally because of the pandemic – showing that Brits really do care about others before themselves.

We decided to create a social media competition stemming from this, and asked people to nominate a friend who has been ACE throughout the last few months! Whether they’ve struggled with illness throughout the lockdown or worked on the NHS frontline, we wanted to hear how amazing our customers have been. Unsurprisingly, we had lots of amazing entries – and you can read some of the winning ones here!

Marion Tanner and Vanessa Gregory

Living in the Isle of Wight, with family miles away in Essex, Vanessa was unable to see her family for months due to the pandemic. Vanessa has two different cancers – one in each breast – and after having a double mastectomy has been waiting for reconstruction surgery. Due to lockdown, Vanessa has been unable to move up the waiting list meaning that process – including meeting with a consultant – has had to start again.

Marion nominated Vanessa because when Marion’s daughter was taken ill two years ago, and subsequently passed away, Vanessa was Marion’s support network despite having her own personal battles.

Polly and Ray Willcox

Ray has worked as an HGV driver throughout lockdown, transporting dirty and clean linen between hospitals and the cleaners in the North West. Polly, his estranged wife, was taken ill at the beginning of lockdown leaving her bed-ridden on her worst days. As a domiciliary carer on the NHS frontline, the illness left Polly unable to do her work – effectively putting her life on hold.

Despite having his household to support, and a demanding job, Ray has supported Polly throughout lockdown by taking her to appointments, doing the shopping and the cleaning, and even popping round to make a cup of tea!

Lizzie Casey and Jodie Smith

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Jodie’s studies to become a Physician’s Associate were cut short in favour of her working on the NHS front line unpaid. Throughout this, Jodie has been battling with spinal issues, and despite a painful slipped disc has been providing compassionate care for elderly patients with dementia who have particularly struggled with the pandemic. Although she finishes most days lying on the floor in agony from her spine, Jodie has remained positive and cheery and passed the exams necessary to officially join the NHS later this year.

Kirsti Peters and Ann Peters

After having a rough time for the last 12 years struggling with Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS, Kirsti nominated Ann as she’s been a massive support for her and was great at finding Kirsti new treatments and drugs to look into. Ann has been having a much harder time, as she has motor neurone disease, which means her health has been deteriorating drastically over the last couple of years. Ann can no longer walk or move her arms and speech is difficult. She still has use of her hands but is mostly confined to chairs and her bed. Kirsti wanted to thank Ann for helping her more than she could ever imagine returning.

James Mcdonald and Helen Davies

If a lockdown wasn’t hard enough at the best of times, Daisy – James’s Wife – was pregnant the whole way through! James thinks Daisy is ACE because she made it through the last few months without a moan or sigh. Now almost ready to give birth, they will need a bottle of ACE more than ever to get the baby stains out!

Hayley Chambers and Leela Gowers

Hayley nominated Leela because despite having terminal liver and bowel cancer, she remains as positive as ever. Leela is due to get married on the 25th September but given that her cancer has taken a turn for the worst Leela and her family are unsure as to whether it can still go ahead.

Sian Williams and Richard Williams

Sian nominated her husband because he has been amazing during the lockdown. Hoping to return to work after their son got a nursery place, all of Sian’s interviews were cancelled because of the start of the pandemic. Facing financial difficulty because of this, the couple withdrew their son from nursery and Richard took on extra work to provide for the family.

Tracey and Bev

As online buddies, Tracey and Bev have only met once! But despite just finishing chemo Bev has still been there to support Tracey through the lockdown – speaking to her every day and supporting her when she can.

Jeri and Nikita

Jeri’s friend, Nikita, has worked throughout lockdown as a Carer. Despite being snowed under with work, Nikita has been supporting Jeri over the past months and is only ever a phone call away!

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