We accept that the colour of clothing can change over time. What started out as a black top, no matter how careful we may be, will be a little less black and a bit more like dark grey after a few years of wear. But even so, it’s quite extreme to go from green to red, which is what Father Christmas did. He may be a jolly man in a red suit with white fur now, but when he first appeared on the scene he was actually a vision in green.

Santa Clause

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The little black dress – it is the go-to staple of a woman’s wardrobe. If you don’t know what to wear, on a night out, to the office, or on a first date, then it’s comforting to remember that you can’t go far wrong with the LBD. And if you choose to wear it to a party then there are so many different variations of it around that you’re unlikely to be caught out in the same outfit as someone else and have to spend the night avoiding each other. But who had the first little black dress?

Little Black Dress

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Some celebrities are known for the roles they played in movies or for the songs they sang on the stage but some others are famous because of their cleaning… er, passion.

Celebrity cleaning

Pictures of celebrities – actors, singers and other performers – cleaning their houses and gardens don’t appear often on the front pages of newspapers and magazines. Because of that, it may be hard to believe that some the famous personas are actually keen on cleaning. Some of them go even further and are crazy about cleaning and personal hygiene. Their houses would for sure pass the white glove test.

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